Who Is She?

Who Is She? is a perfect extension of my journey to self-discovery written completely in poetry.  Each poem reflects how the highs and lows of life has not only shaped me but has liberated me. This book is about finding your voice and learning to love yourself no matter what obstacles get in your way. Grab your copy today! Available now on Amazon.com.

Still not convinced? Check out an excerpt from one of my favorite poems from the book.

Who is she?

Big girl, soft voice with short hair

Who the hell is she – she doesn’t know

Pretty face but she lacks confidence

Always comparing herself to someone else

Never truly revealing the woman she is

Damn, I wish she would figure it out

Hiding her body when she would go out

Judging herself, her makeup, her hair

Not seeing the beauty that she really is

To show self-love, she doesn’t know

If only she could be someone else

Just one day with their confidence. . .

I would love to hear from you! So, let’s talk.  Tell me what you think about the book.










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