Colorism and Raising Our Daughters

So, while reading Gabrielle Union's new book, We're Going to Need More Wine, she tackles the age-old topic of colorism. For a little background, her mother is of fair skin and her father of darker complexion. Gabrielle obviously resembles her dad. She grew up in predominantly White Pleasanton, California, who one of very few Black… Continue reading Colorism and Raising Our Daughters

Avoidance & Passion Sparks A New Path

I've avoided writing about this, because I've already declared my commitment issues to you all, and I still haven't committed.  I figured if I didn't talk about it, I wouldn't have to admit to myself and to you that I've continued to be inconsistent with changing my lifestyle and that I haven't taken my health as seriously… Continue reading Avoidance & Passion Sparks A New Path