Editorial Services

Looking for a Freelance Editor? I am available for your editorial needs! Below are my services and fees. Please contact me at tiarratalks@gmail.com for all inquiries.

Services & Fees:

Proofreading – $25/hour (Minimum) Look for basic/cosmetic errors, & spot surface mistakes, such as grammatical errors and misspelling.

Copyediting – $35/hour (Minimum) Proofreading plus, checking accuracy, consistency, and overall flow. Rearrange sentences, change words, and check facts.

Content Editing – $50/hour (Minimum) <Most Extensive> Covers all of the skills within proofreading & copyediting. Includes content creation, rewriting sections and working with author to improve the quality of the text.

*May charge $4 – $8 per page for books of at least 50 pages.


 Content Types:

Blogs/Website Content

Business Tools (Marketing/Advertisement Tools, Press Kits, etc.)

Books (Novels, Poetry, Self-Help, etc.)

Resumes & Cover Letters

*Additional services available.  Please email tiarratalks@gmail.com for all inquiries.