No More Quit

In a recent conversation with my husband, I asked him or rather I asked myself, when did I become a quitter? Moreover, why is it so easy for me to give up on myself before I even get started? It’s been my crutch for the past few years to just quit, hell, to not even start. Y’all remember I mentioned in a previous post that I never used the podcast equipment that my husband bought me for Christmas in 2019, right? Well, last week I shared a meme on Facebook that said, “Start that podcast, Sis.” Because seriously, what am I waiting for? I received several encouraging comments from that post that re-ignited my excitement to finally stop playing and start recording. I immediately started brainstorming new ideas and reviewing previous concepts I had already developed. I even started sharing my plans with friends. I was committed! Then by the weekend, I told my husband I was no longer interested in the idea. The flame just fizzled for no reason at all. That was all in the same week, Y’all!

The first time I quit on myself was in 2017, when I decided not to continue pursuing my second master’s degree in secondary education. You might be thinking, “Second master’s degree? Big deal.” It was big deal to me, though. School was my happy place and I always wanted to teach. I finished two semesters then just decided, nah. I’m done. I didn’t even make it past the prerequisites. I never saw myself quitting something as important as my education but once I did, quitting everything else became easy.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for years but especially since having children. It has not been easy, and I’ve quit every program I’ve tried. A few months ago, I was adamant on doing a smoothie detox program. I bought all the ingredients and these fancy glass drinking/storage jars so I can prep ahead and store them at work. Once I had everything I needed, I woke up early to prepare my smoothies for the day. I drank one for breakfast and one for lunch but by the end of the day, I quit. I was starving and decided this program is just not for me. The frozen fruit became freezer burned in the back of my tiny freezer, and the half dozen glass jars became dusty and unused taking up valuable space in my cabinet. I never even gave it chance. What a waste.

So, let’s talk.

What’s your crutch? Do you give up easily? Or do you fight tooth and nail to finish what you start?

Listen. I don’t have a story to share of how I overcame my crutch, but I chose to write this post anyway. I’ve yet to have that revelation or that aha moment that helps me to get to the root of my issue. Maybe that’s a conversation for my therapist to help me uncover. But I wrote this post because I owe myself the opportunity to be better, and I know I’m not alone. One of the hardest things we will ever do is push through, keep going, and never quit, even when it’s easy but especially when it’s hard. I challenge us to fight the urge to say, ” I can’t do this.” Or “Not right now.” Let that last time you let yourself off the hook be the last time that you ever let yourself off the hook. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Then, make a commitment to take small steps and celebrate those small wins every day. And no matter, keep going. You got this!

Tiarra 💜

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