Vision Board Party!!!

My closest friends and I do our best to get together once a month for ladies night. Most times we get together for drinks and girl talk, but I had an awesome idea for us to do something a little different this time. . . a vision board party!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if my friends would be interested in the idea, so I first pitched it to my best friend. She’s always calling me out for being “HR” and “responsible,” so, I figured she’d be the one to tell me if this was a lame idea or not. I didn’t think she would be up for it, but to my surprise she was. In fact, when I brought the idea to her, she said, “All of your friends have goals they are wanting to reach.” Super facts! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by like-minded women!

I kicked my husband and the boys out for the day and even though Logan is only three, I thought it was important that she be there with me. I’m trying to be the best example for her and what better way than for her to see her mom and her awesome amazing friends planning for success. I even gave her her own poster board and materials as well so that she could participate.

The party went off without a hitch! It’s always good a time whenever we get together, so I expected nothing less. We had a salad bar because we’re all trying to live a healthier lifestyle but of course, we can’t get together without libations. So, mimosas were also on the menu. I had all the materials we needed i.e. poster boards, magazines, stickers, glue, scissors, etc. We were ready! What I loved most about this party is that we all took it seriously. Sharing our goals and plans for the new year and beyond was empowering as we all felt the rising energy of our Black Girl Magic. 

So, let’s talk.

Have you ever completed a vision board or attended a vision board party? Are you surrounded by friends that inspire you to be the best version of you?

Listen, after we finished our boards, we went around the table sharing our vision and speaking our goals into existence. Without even realizing out, we all had similar goals. Yes, we want to maximize our income, lose weight, and maybe even have our dream home and/or car. But the most glaring themes throughout all of our boards were simply to be happy and be our absolute best selves. Tiarra 2.0!  We made a commitment to hold each other accountable and to make this party an annual tradition. I put my vision board on the back wall of my dining room. I look at it daily to remind myself to stay focused. The sky’s the limit for us, so I’m excited for us to slay these goals and do amazing things!

💜 Tiarra

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