2019: Year of Commitment

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first blog of the year, and I’m so excited to catch up! Last January, I set a lot of goals for myself —14 goals to be exact. I didn’t meet not one of them and honestly, I had forgotten all about them. I found my old journal in October and saw my laundry list of goals, and I cringed. I was so disappointed in myself because it was too late in the game to catch up. Hell, I didn’t even remember what they were until then, so clearly I had lost sight of the goal. Even worse, I didn’t even know what the goal was.

However, there was one thing I wanted to do in 2018. I wanted to focus on me. I declared 2018 as the year of me, and it was. I learned so much about myself, but y’all already know because I’ve shared it ten times over. I spent a lot of time in silence, demanded my personal time and space, found my voice, talked to God, and found my purpose. It was a year full of growth, challenges, and acceptance. I’m so grateful!

In my first journal entry last year, I said I wanted to follow through on my commitments. Y’all know I have commitment issues. I’m always changing my mind and not finishing what I started. I struggled with it for as long as I could remember. I hate when people say to me, “Girl you don’t know what you wanna do,” probably because they’re right. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with changing my mind; it’s my right, but dammit I know I have to stick to something. I realized that by setting 14 goals (all of which were achievable by the way), I was just a little too ambitious.

I guess I thought creating this long list of goals would be the best way to hold myself accountable to being the best version of me. But really, I just made it more difficult for me to stay committed. I tend to rush things or I’m moving on to the next. Everyone is always telling me slow down. It doesn’t all need to be completed in one day. But doesn’t it, though? I need to knock out these goals quickly so that I can prove something to myself. Maybe I thought I needed to prove something to you as well. I wanted to show you that yes, you can do all of these things. Look at me. If I can do it, you can do it too. (Do y’all remember that commercial? LOL) I wasn’t being realistic, though nor was I focusing my energy on the right thing.

So, let’s talk.

How many goals did you set last year? Did you reach them all? Were they realistic and focused on the right things?

Listen, we all have these amazing things that we want to accomplish, but we have to put first things first. I can’t be my best self until I seriously work on the core of my opportunities. So, I declare 2019 will be the year of commitment! That is my one and only goal for the year. Everything else will fall into place once I conquer this. I am committed to following through on the commitments I’ve set for myself and others, because sometimes I’m also a flaky friend and family member. I’m ready for the challenge! Now it’s your turn. What’s the one goal you will focus on this year? We can do this! Let’s make 2019 a great year!!

💜 Tiarra

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