Mind & Spirit Equals Journaling

Today’s blog is inspired by my recent visit with my therapist and a friend’s post inquiring about journaling. In every blog, I talk about my journey of best self: mind, body, & spirit. Journaling has become an important part of connecting my mind and spirit to my body. While in this process, the path of learning and accepting myself sometimes becomes foggy and will lead me in circles.  Now, I hadn’t been to therapy in almost a year, but the fog had gotten too thick for me to see the road clearly on my own. I needed some direction. You know. . . some bright lights to shine on that big ass THIS WAY sign that was in front of me all along.  So, as I babbled on about my frustrations and challenges, she asked, “So, have you been journaling?”

*Inserts blank stare* I couldn’t lie. It had been a while since my last journal entry.  She reminded of how putting my thoughts on paper helps me to get all of my feelings and emotions out so that I can understand what’s happening and deal with the core of the issue without all the fog. And, she was so right! She also reminded me to finish my thought (via the journal) before taking action or reacting, especially if you’re journaling about something or someone who has pissed you off. Trust me, you’ll end up reacting with that same emotion. I’m a very emotional being, and I find difficulty in articulating myself when I’m in my feelings. But when I journal, I can be a word vomit machine, digest what I wrote (That sounds gross. Sorry, y’all!), dissect what’s important to share and what should be kept in my feelings jar, then clearly communicate my thoughts.

However, I also want you to know that journaling is a not a dear diary thing where you’re only sharing a daily record of events about your inner-most thoughts and feelings. Journaling can be a useful tool where your thoughts and ideas can come together. It’s where you can be creative! Food journals, fitness journals, and career journals are different types of journals that create opportunities for you to reflect and hopefully push you towards being your best self.

So, let’s talk. What are your thoughts on journaling? What type of journaling do you prefer? Has it been beneficial to your journey?

Listen, whether or not you choose to journal, I hope that you take pride in your commitment to being your best self. For me, I can be transparent and honest when I journal. My friends always have to remind to take off my HR lady hat and loosen the hell up. When I journal, much like blogging, I’m free! It really is a therapeutic process that allows me to speak freely without judgment. Don’t worry about following a calendar or using specific formatting. Write whenever you want about whatever you want. Maybe it’s pictures, a list, random memories, song lyrics, or future goals. It’s your journal. Nothing is off limits! Sometimes I just write random thoughts that I need to put down so I can come back to and elaborate on later. And when I look back at my entries, I feel the confidence and power growing inside of me as it truly helps me to connect my mind, body, and spirit together.  But no matter which tools you decide to support you on your journey, please keep going. . . because you’re worth it!

💜 Tiarra




2 thoughts on “Mind & Spirit Equals Journaling

  1. My therapist talked to me about the importance of journaling too. You should write down everything at the end of the day – whether it’s just babbling or writing down your deepest fear. Journals are the only things we can talk to without fear of judgement. I think this is important to realize so that people stop internalizing things. Just writing it down will help get it out of your system!


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