Trust Yourself. . . NOT the Scale

I’m sure we’ve all probably heard a fitness guru’s spiel at least once telling us to not put so much emphasis on the scale. There’s water weight, hormonal imbalances, blah, blah, blah.  But when you’re only focused on dropping the pounds, how could you not focus on the scale, right?! I heard what they were saying, but I wasn’t listening. In fact, I’m the first to admit that I was once a slave to the scale. When the numbers went down, I felt great. When the numbers went up, it was the end of the world.

It was only a couple of months ago that I really began to understand my path to being my best self beyond the scale. When I finally got serious in January, I put my goal weight and date of achievement on paper to hold myself accountable. Each week, I religiously stepped on the scale frustrated as the numbers barely moved.  I didn’t pay any attention to my jeans fitting looser, or my face starting to slim, or even the compliments from others noticing my progress. I needed the scale’s validation. To me, if the scale didn’t reflect it, then it wasn’t happening. Isn’t it sad the amount of power we give an object over ourselves?

Today, I choose not to focus on numbers when I’m setting my goals. Most recently, for example, my goal was to fit into a dress for my cousins’ wedding. Check ✔️💁🏽‍♀️When we get caught up on dates and numbers, we are putting way too much pressure on ourselves. We have to stop doing that, y’all! I think it’s more important to focus on the right now and celebrate every win big or small.

So, let’s talk. Are you a slave to the scale? How much does the numbers impact how you feel about yourself? It is possible to relinquish its’ power and trust yourself in how you look and feel?

Listen, the moment I started to live in the now and trust myself is the moment I started to see the work I been putting in, noticing the small changes, and looking in the mirror and FEELING MYSELF.  Don’t get me wrong, the scale is a useful tool to track your progress, but it’s just that, a TOOL. Don’t give it so much power that it blinds you of all the work you’ve done. I’ve lived the feeling of disappointment and discouragement because I’ve maintained my healthy eating habits and went hard in my workouts all week, but the scale didn’t reflect my efforts. Those are the moments that make us want to give up but remember, it’s a just number. So, please keep going because you are so worth it!

💜 Tiarra

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