Workout Partners are LIFE

So, I shared my excitement about getting healthy and getting back in the gym. I really  pushed myself and went at it alone because my friend and workout partner, who’s also working towards her own goals, was on vacation. Well. . . she’s back and taking no prisoners! I felt so good about the hard work I put in on my own; I thought I really pushed myself, but working out with her made my workouts feel like a warm up.

In the past, I preferred to workout alone probably because I had no clue on what I was doing and didn’t want to be embarrassed. I remember the times being in the gym hoping to not run into anyone I knew while using the same equipment over and over again. I was afraid to look silly trying something new or that I wasn’t physically capable of using yet.  Welp, those days are looooong gone!

I love the dynamic of our workout partnership. Some days we come prepared and some days we just wing it.  I’m usually the one rolling my eyes because she’s telling me, “Don’t stop. ” “You have to push yourself.” “Keep going, T.” I always feel like she’s going so much harder than me. We have similar goals, but I swear she kills it! I mean, there’s no competition between us, but seeing her running on the treadmill just one more MPH than me pushes me to get to her level.


In my opinion, having a workout partner helps to keep the workout fun and interesting. You get to catch up a little and laugh a lot. If you’re working out with someone you trust, its easy to laugh at yourself and with each other when you make a mistake or look silly trying to lift more weights than you can handle. It’s also nice if to have someone to show you how to adjust the seat on a machine that you could never figure out how to do on your own. The best thing is you get to people-watch together to figure out which workout to try next.

So, let’s talk. Do you prefer to workout alone or with a partner? If you don’t have partner, what steps do you take to hold yourself accountable to keep focused on your goals? If you do have a partner, are you pushing each other and giving it your all?

Listen, workout partners are not a requirement but for me, it is absolutely motivating and encouraging to have someone pushing me toward my goals, especially when she is right along side me busting her ass too. If you’re in the gym, then you’re already holding yourself accountable to whatever goal you are trying to achieve but as a bonus, your workout partner doubles as your accountability partner! I know that consistency and commitment are no easy feat, especially as it relates to a lifestyle change.  Even the strongest-willed person may face some challenges but when you’re not alone, its so much easier and can make working out seem less like a chore. Whether you have a partner or going at it alone, be proud of yourself and keep going. . . because you’re worth it!

💜 Tiarra

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