Week 1, Day 1 : Let’s Do This! 

So, it’s the first day of my weight loss journey, and I’m so excited! However, I would be lying if I told you I was 100% prepared with a full fridge of healthy foods and a workout schedule, but I do have a plan, and that’s a start. I am definitely one of those people who needs like ten alarms to wake up in the morning, but this morning felt different.

I popped right up and started my day with some yoga. I’ve really needed some Zen in my life, and I’ve been wanting to try yoga for weeks now.  It was challenging and yet so relaxing.  Yoga will definitely be apart of my morning routine from going forward. 

Right now, I’m just trying figure out what’s going to work best for me.  If I spend too much energy on a strict routine and regimen, I will probably fail. This is a lifestyle change, so it will take some time and adjustment, but I’m all in!

I’m all in because my health depends on it.  I’ve had really bad acid reflux for the past few years.  It started as heartburn with my first pregnancy 7 years ago, and overtime, it developed to acid reflux. Imagine your chest and throat burning every day no matter what you eat; it’s very uncomfortable.  And, if I’d followed the directions on the back of the label of any acid reducer package, which first tells you to lose weight if overweight, then second, to change your diet. . . we’d probably wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. 

Oh, and I had surgery on my left ankle about 4 months ago to remove an extra bone that was causing nerve pain.  I wore a walking boot for two weeks, which meant I had to put all of  my weight on my right leg. . . my knee took the brunt of that weight, and it’s been in pain ever since. I absolutely have to do this now because my body depends on it.

So, let’s talk.   What’s your reason for your weight loss journey? Do you already have a plan in place? Have you set your goals yet?

My long-term goal is to lose about 70 pounds. That’s a tall order but very realistic. I can do this! We can do this!  I weighed in this morning at 236 pounds and my first short-term goal is to lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving.  I haven’t been under 230 pounds for at least 4 years, so I’m looking forward to celebrating that win. If you haven’t set your goals yet, and the long-term goal is too far for you to see right now, then start small.

The road to good health and a fit body will be a long one with tons of speed bumps along the way. But remember, don’t give up! Start from somewhere and stick with it! Now, let’s do this! I can’t wait to share my week with you next Monday.

💜 Tiarra

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