Avoidance & Passion Sparks A New Path

I’ve avoided writing about this, because I’ve already declared my commitment issues to you all, and I still haven’t committed.  I figured if I didn’t talk about it, I wouldn’t have to admit to myself and to you that I’ve continued to be inconsistent with changing my lifestyle and that I haven’t taken my health as seriously as I know I should have.  Since writing, “Commitment Issues. . .” I’ve been learning to accept my flaws and love myself no matter how I look, but my health issues have not improved with my new sense of self. In fact, they’ve probably gotten worse.  Now, I don’t have a major life-threatening illness, thank goodness, but the chronic pain I’ve been experiencing is largely due to and impacted by weight.

I won’t give you any excuses, although I could probably give you several.  It’s all about a mindset that I’ve allowed myself to avoid just because it’s been easier to keep living life the way I’ve been living for some time.  I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I can leave the pity party behind.  I feel comfortable standing in my truth, because I’m not perfect, and I don’t need to pretend to be.

When I wrote “Commitment Issues…,” I told myself this would not turn into a blog about my weight.  But, to be honest, I’ve struggled to be inspired to blog about anything else.  I’ve made amazing strides in gaining self-love and finding myself, but this extra baggage around my waistline has continued to weigh me down.  Plus, how can I talk about speaking loudly and living boldly if I’m not being honest with myself or to you?

Blogging started out as an outlet for me to express myself while I figure out who I am.  Today, blogging for me is really about making a difference in my life and in the lives of others.  It’s important that I blog about my weight loss journey, because I know there are others like me having the same struggle to change their lifestyle.

So, let’s talk.  Have you tried and failed to commit to something? Are you on your own weight loss journey and want an accountability partner?

I’ve struggled with blog topics for weeks, then my light bulb suddenly lit up.  I should be blogging about what’s on mind everyday, all the time.   I should be accountable! I should be actually working on my physical self everyday just like the work I’ve been putting in on my mental self.  Too many broken commitments have held me be back from being my best self both mentally and physically, and blogging about my weight loss journey is an important part of that.  So, you can expect a weekly post about my journey. . .the good, the bad, and the ugly! I hope that you will comment and share your experiences as we work to meet our goals together. Now, are you ready to change your life for good? Because I am! Look for Week 1 of my journey next week.

💜 Tiarra

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