School’s Back in Session!

As the new school year begins, it’s time to dust off those routines and get them back into place.  This year, my oldest son, Travis, is a second grader; Ethan is in Pre-K, and baby girl, Logan, is in daycare. My routines are still all over the place because Travis takes the school bus, Ethan only goes to school in the afternoon, and Logan has to make it to daycare in time for breakfast.  It is a lot of work! I was so worried about how I would make this all happen and still be able to go to work, but so far, it has all worked out! My husband is now on a shift that requires days off during the week, so he’s able to help out with the logistics of getting the kids to the respective locations. Also, I’ve been approved to work from home when needed, and my mom helps out with Ethan some mornings, so all the nerves I had about the new school year were for nothing.

Last school year, Travis had a difficult time controlling his meltdowns, which means I was at his school at least once a week.  Also, his teacher used Class Dojo, a messaging app for teachers and parents, so I was always informed when he was having a rough day. It was so stressful.  Everyday he’d come home and tell me about his day from start to finish…I mean everything. This year, his program was moved to a different school. He has a new teacher and none of his friends from previous school transferred with him.  We were worried that the change in routine and people would be difficult for him to handle.  I was especially concerned because his new teacher doesn’t use the messaging app, and Travis is too cool for school this year, so I can barely get two words out of him about his day.  I felt like I was being left out of the loop. But, Travis is doing great and has been able to manage his meltdowns on his own without his teacher having to notify me or call me to the school. Plus, not using the dojo app has been a huge stress reliever.  I’m so proud of this kid and his growth over the past year.

Ethan was so anxious and excited to start school.  My husband just knew Ethan would cry when I dropped him for the first time, but I knew he would do great. And, I was right! He didn’t shed a tear.  I worried that Ethan was behind academically in comparison to the other kids in class, but I forgot just how smart he is.  Pre-k is preparing him for kindergarten, and he has great teachers, so he will be just fine. Right now, he stands quietly next to me in the vestibule while we wait for the teacher to round up the kids, but I’m excited to see the development of his social skills as he makes new friends.

My little diva, Logan, loves daycare and already has friends.  She gives me a big hug and kiss when I drop off her, and it’s so amazing to see her little personality shine through. I never had any doubt that she would love school.  What I love most is that even though she’s only almost two, she’s’ getting curriculum.  She’s learning so much and going to be well prepared for big girl school.  In other exciting news, Logan looooooves her pacifier, but we took it away from her two weeks ago, and she haven’t thought twice about it.  Now, that warm milk bottle is still giving us some trouble, but she turns two on October 2nd, so she has until then to give it up. Wish us luck because she’s not giving it up without a fight!

So, let’s talk.  Are your school routines running like a well oiled machine? Any pleasant surprises from your kids that you’re excited about? Any kinks that you’re still working through?

Overall, I’m excited about the kids being back in school and not because I get rid of them for 8 hours a day, but because they’re growing developmentally.  There’s no better feeling as parent than to see progress and growth in your children.  To see Travis mature, and Ethan find his own personality without his big brother, and Logan just be herself is so fulfilling. I hope that this school year brings on double the growth for my kids and yours! Continue to motivate, encourage, and praise your children because they’re listening and learning from us even when we don’t think so.

Now, before I sign off, it’s is my 3 month Blogaversary!!!!  And, I want to thank you all! Three months ago I decided to start this blog because I needed an outlet.  I was depressed, overwhelmed, and overall unhappy.  I had this voice trapped in solitaire inside my head that was begging to be free.  When I started to write, I found that others understood my plight and through words, we have created a bond helping each other to set our voices free.  What an amazing journey this has been thus far. You all are the reason I continue to blog.

💜 Tiarra

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